Breath-taking Photography

Matador K22 offers exceptional sharpness. Its Dual SONY DSLR Grade
Camera renders images in unprecedented detail for images that take
you from mere photography to artistry.

Shoot First, Focus Later, Beautiful Bokeh with Refocusing Capability

Take shots of people or objects and blur the background with artistic bokeh.
Enables blur background from f 11 to f 0.8. A shallower depth of field enables
you to make subjects stand out. And you can also refocus photos, giving you
the freedom to shoot first and focus later.

The Timeless, Classic Quality from Black and White

Black and White generates lush sense of imagination. You will see and feel the lights differently
without the distraction of colors, capture moments as if they are from your deep down memory.

Two Cameras that Shoot as One

More light and better clarity, for amazing photos and videos.
Rear of 13 million pixels black and white and color camera, shooting effect is not just two 13 million pixel lens so simple.In the process of taking
pictures, dual cameras work at the same time, black and white camera to capture the details, image more clear; Color camera to capture color,
color more full, coupled with the unique image synthesis algorithm, make detail and color more, take a picture lifelike, jing yue in the fingertips.

ISP Image Processor, a Higher Level of Photography

Dual camera pixel-binning technology on both lenses doubles image brightness in low-light conditions. Optical image stabilisation
counteracts handshake to produce crystal-clear shots. We upgraded to the next-generation ISP image processor and introduced a
new standard of computing and dark-light algorithm. This means the photos captured by the Matador K22 are refined and sport
greater detail. In addition, indoor and night shooting noise control is more precise and the system processes images more quickly.

13MP Softlight Front Camera, Light up Your Selfies

The 13MP front camera with Samsung S5K3L8 sensor creates powerful high resolution images featuring extraordinary clarity
and vivid natural colors with every selfie, so you always look your best.
Selfie softlight creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, giving you perfect images every time.

Helio X27 Deca-Core 2.6GHz, Latest Mediatek Flagship Processor

Based on MediaTek world-leading mobile chip SoC architecture with advanced 20nm process, X27 is the brand-new
generation smartphone SoC integrating MediaTek latest LTE modem, newest implementation of the Tri-Cluster CPU
architecture with ten processing cores (Deca-core). Delivering extreme computing performance with unmatched
power efficiency.

The new ARM Mali™-T880 GPU exceeds the Mali™-T760 by 180% and 40% in terms of performance and energy
efficiency. It definitely allows users to better enjoy gaming with high requirements for graphics capabilities. The
powerful CPU architecture with NEON multimedia processing engine brings PC-like browser experiences while
keeping low standby power. Powerful Mali™-T880 MP4 GPU supporting OpenGL ES 3.1 also provides you with
excellent multimedia experiences.

AMOLED High Standard Screen, Dazzling Display

Equipped with a 5.5-inch FHD(1920 x1080) AMOLED display, the Matador K22 provides an impeccably sharp viewing
experience. Featuring an adaptive display, it provides unbeatable clarity both indoors and outside. Plus, improved
brightness levels and pixel density let you take superb images wherever you are.

3800mAh High Density Battery, Light in Weight, Heavy in Power

Matador K22 has a stylish metal unibody designed to turn heads. The bezels are 30% thinner than the K20. Matador K22 also features
polished sides with a stunning brushed finish. A striking marriage of form and function, gorgeous ergonomic curves on the rear cover,
along with rounded corners create a comfortable grip.
Matador K22 offers a truly revolutionary battery life. With its high-density 3800mAh battery and smart power-saving technology, you
can enjoy 2 days usage.

Compact Design, as Thin as Possible

7.1mm super slim design with 3500mah big battery. Compact design, satisfy the intensity and the structure of the
premise, can use thin as possible.

Faster Charge, Half an Hour Charge for a Full Day Usage

Matador K22 its PE+ technology maximizes charging efficiency by allowing to reach a 15V output through a standard 12V USB
adapter. PE+ Quick Charge technology is only compatible with the PE+ Type-C cable and adapter.

Touch ID 2.1, unlocks in an instant

Fingerprint sensors are making smartphones personal on a whole new level. Press your finger gently on the sensor and
Matador K22 unlocks in just 0.1s. It is convenient and so much faster than using patterns or passcodes. Chip-level security
encrypts and stores your fingerprint profiles securely so no one can access them—not even you.

Stronger, Thinner, Lighter, Sumvier Pursuit of Perfection

We have taken our obsession with aesthetics, quality, and usability to a whole new level. The
Matador K22 metal unibody is carved from a single slab of premium aluminum, resulting in
an ultra-thin design with a satisfying, solid build.

Dual SIM cards dual standby

K22 Main Specification

Media Tek Helio X27 MTK6797W/CX 20NM Deca-core 2.6GHz 64Bit system
AMOLED FHD(1920x1080) display
Front with 2.5D G+F+F oncell multi-touch TP
TF card slot support up to 128GB
Front Camera: 13MP FF SAMSUNG S5K3L8 with Softlight lamp flash; Back Camera: 13MP+13MP Dual-lens SONY IMX with 2 pairs double color-temperature flash light
Android 7.1 O.S
Yes, built in GPS/Glonass
Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
Light sensor/G-sensor/P-sensor/Gryo-Sensor/Finger-print
Home button with fingerprint unlock; Support slight touch back to home page
3800 mAh, support 2.5A/ 1.67A(5V/7V/9V) 1.25A(12V) quick charge
Black/ Gold/ Red
154x 76x 7.1mm